Sharped in an eerie and fuzzy obscurity, Damon McMahon - the mind behind Amen Dunes - has crafted songs as a catharsis. Dark and beautiful, each album is a hypnotic experience.
From DIA, his first album in 2009, to Love, his last effort released in 2014, Amen Dunes has evolved from a personal project, where improvisation had a big place, to a most ambitious thing, extending his sonic palette and working with collaborators.
But always introspective, you will dive in with him.

// Where do you live ?

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

// Why & when did you move here ? Where are you from originally ?

I was born in Philadelphia, but have been in NYC all my adult life, and my family is all from here.
I moved to Boerum Hill to get away from musicians.

// What do you especially like about the district you live in ?

Solid falafel.

// What would you do if you have someone visiting you for 24h ?

I'd take them to the Donut Pub on 14th and 7th, one of the few old NYC institutions left.

// How do you view the opportunities for making and recording music in Brooklyn ?

I'm not sure, I try to stay out of the whole music scene, I just do my thing. I'd probably enjoy living somewhere in the middle of the country better, but I'm from NYC, and friends and family are here, so I do music here.

// You lived in China for a while. Did your time there influence your music ? Do you think places can influence songwriting ?

It definitely did. It made me connect with my American roots and American music roots in a big way. It made me very conscious of my foreignness there, and made me make my most American record, "Murder Dull Mind."
Places are very influential, but they can't do more than color the music. The songs have to come from inside/outside-upstairs.

// Do you feel some sort of emptiness when you’re back home after touring ?

I do, but I kind of get a high off of that feeling.

// What do you appreciate about your city when you’re back ?

Friends and family, I don't like NYC, the city itself, too much for extended periods.

// What do you like the most about your home ?

I don't ever feel at home anywhere really, nor do I really ever connect with a home I'm staying in, so I can't really answer that question.

// What’s your favorite piece of furniture / room in your house ?

My guitar.

// What would be the 3 first things you’d save if you had to leave home quickly ?

Guitar, tapes of my recordings, my song books.

// Where do you think you’ll live in 10 years or so ? And if you could move somewhere else, where would it be ?

California all the way, fuck New York hah.

// What would your dream home be like ?

You ever see Alien 2?

photos by Amen Dunes


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