photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Angel Olsen’s voice is timeless and unique, while reminding some great female voices like Joni Mitchell or Cat Power. After being a backing singer for Will Oldham, she now follows her own way. With her powerfull and haunting voice in the path of folk and rock music, she already owns a collection of heartbreaking songs.
Angel Olsen takes us to Asheville, North Carolina

// Where do you live ?

I live in a house I share with two other ladies in Montford-a historic district in Asheville, NC.
Both Zelda Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe are buried in the Montford Cemetery.

// Why & when did you move here ? Where are you from originally ?

I moved here without having many friends in town, and without knowing where I would be living permanently. For some reason the atmosphere was enough to draw me in. I decided to leave Chicago after we recorded our last album in a studio in downtown Asheville. I spent 7 years in Chicago.. I was ready for a change.

// What are your favorite places in Asheville

My favorite places so far:
To eat: Storm ,Junction, Mamacitas, and most importantly and down to earth is Tod's Tasties. Their slogan is "Tod loves you". Which is pretty true I think.

Favorite browsing experiences include Harvest Records, Twice Around Vintage, Minx, Old North, Regeneration Station and Downtown books and news.

Storm (photo by Stewart Young)

// What do you especially like about the district you live in ?

I especially love the architecture of the neighborhood, and that it's sort of overgrown in parts. In the middle of the district there's a tennis court that overlooks the mountains - and on a nice day I'll run by it and sit on a hill and stare into space for a while. Pretty sick place to stare for a while.

Most things in Asheville, even the gas pumps look like they've been the same since the early 70s.

// How do you view the opportunities for making and recording music in Asheville ?

I think it's a perfect place to record, you can go for a hike and reflect after a long day of overthinking and overhearing. It's not a bad way to live either.

// Do you feel some sort of emptiness when you’re back home after touring

I think I miss home more often. I love what I do but what I've realized is that I get all my energy for what I do by being alone and being home. After being home, it's time to get back on the road and see my bandmates and get dirty and in moods again.

// What do you appreciate about your city when you’re back ?

All the space and the anonymous vibes. I love running on the hills and being in a place that is beautiful to look at and good for my mind too.
It's all campfires and dogs and breweries and people who love stones and gems. It's an acceptable place for all kids and freaks and if you're not into the Grateful Dead you're standing out.

// What do you like the most about your home ? What’s your favorite piece of furniture / room in your house ?

My favorite piece is my bed. It's the best bed in the whole world and its mine, no one else's. But hey I got a couple pieces of art about 6 guitars, a piano, some magic chests. They are sick too.

// What would be the 3 first things you’d save if you had to leave home quickly ?

A raincoat, my gibson s1, and my white roller skates. Gotta be prepared.

// What songs make you feel home ?

hmm. Probably changes a lot.

Sugaree by Jerry Garcia
Night Moves by Bob Seger
And Dreams Come True Girl by Cass McCombs

// Where do you think you’ll live in 10 years or so ? And if you could move somewhere else, where would it be ?

Hmm, well there's a mad drought in California otherwise I'd move there. I like where I am so much I don't mind dying here.

// What would your dream home be like ?

A house by a river, a house with someone I really care about in it too.