When he's not busy playing drums with the Australian band Tame Impala or the French band Aquaserge, Barbagallo writes his very own pop songs - et en français. He has crafted stories with a delicate naivety and insouciance, and collected 10 songs on a first album released a few months ago, "Amor de Lonh" ("Distant Love" in Occitan).
We talked to Barbagallo about life in Melbourne, where he lives.

// Where do you live ?

I live in a little terrace house in Brunswick, Melbourne.

// What do you especially like about the district you live in ?

My favorite restaurant on Earth is a few blocks away from where I live, it's a Sicilian restaurant. There is also a very nice little creek where I walk my dog and a park where I play soccer on sundays, in the local tanzanian team.

// Why & when did you move here ? Where are you from originally ?

I moved to Australia two and a half years ago. My love life has a lot to do with that decision. Before that I lived in Toulouse near Albi where I was born.

// You’re planning to move back to France soon. Where will you settle down ?

In Toulouse where my friends and family live.

// How do you view the opportunities for making and recording music in Melbourne ?

I record everything myself at home so I never really got a chance to figure out what are the opportunities here.
For live music, there are a lot of venues in Melbourne, it's very easy to get a gig in a cool bar with a stage at the back. It's definitely a musician friendly city.

// Do you think places can influence songwriting ?

They can, of course. The same way a person, a book, a dream can influence songwriting. Places are never neutral. There is always a particular energy created by the architecture, the colors, the weather . It infuses in your thoughts, unconsciously.

// Do you feel some sort of emptiness when you’re back home after touring ?

It can go either way. Sometimes you feel empty while you're on tour because there is a form of routine, you don't have to think much about what you're doing, you have very few issues to deal with on an everyday basis. Sometimes you feel empty when you're back home because the last tour was particularly hectic. There is no rule really. Anyway, in the big scheme of things, I'd say that everyday life brings more emotions, more contrasts, more interaction, more challenge than life on tour.

// What do you appreciate about your city when you’re back ?

As soon as I'm back I usually open a cook book and take out my pans and pots after grocery shopping. The city gives me back power over my life. It's more about being back "home" I guess. Wherever home is. Home means taking control again and of course being with your loved one again.

// What do you like the most about your home ? What’s your favorite piece of furniture / room in your house ?

I like the size of it, it's not too big, not too small, it's like the shell of a snail. I feel safe and relax in there. The living room that's also the kitchen is my favorite room, I do everything there. I read, I cook, I record, I watch movies…
I like its wooden floor too.

// What would be the 3 first things you’d save if you had to leave home quickly ?

My fiancée, my dog and my passport.

// Where do you think you’ll live in 10 years or so ? And if you could move somewhere else, where would it be ?

In 10 years, I'll be either in France or Australia. But I'd love to have a cheese farm in Sicily at some point. Or maybe live in Buenos Aires for a while.

// What would your dream home be like ?

My dream home would be a self contained medieval castle in the countryside with a teleportation machine in the garage to take me to the pub in 2 millisecond.

photos by Barbagallo


"Amor de Lonh"