Born out of a friendship between Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jeager during college, Lionlimb released their debut album, Shoo, in 2016 - which quickly became one of our favorite albums of that year.
Written and recorded over the course of 3 years between Chicago, San Francisco and Nashville, Shoo is a collection of 10 songs, blending pop experimentations and jazz elements, all led by Bronaugh’s singing which reminds us another favorite, Elliott Smith.
On summer 2016, the two crossed the Atlantic for their first-ever European tour as a duo. We let them a disposable camera to document their journey through France, from Paris to Hyères.

Lionlimb recently announced their sophomore album Tape Recorder, out on February 23rd.
Keep an eye out !

"I took these photos in July during Josh and I's first trip to Europe to play shows as Lionlimb.
We landed in Paris with just a guitar and cymbals in tow and only took public transit to get between shows.
Our first train from the airport to the 10th arrondissement, there was a woman holding a bag with 2 goldfish and weeping by herself, an image which felt oddly appropriate after traveling for 8 hours.
The bands we played with that night were both great.
The next day we walked around Pigalle and played at a tiny bar with our friend Stone Jack Jones.
We stayed with him and his wife Holli in the 17th and stayed up listened to records and drinking wine and smoking.
The next morning we caught a train super early to the south of France and saw the countryside at 300 kph. The festival itself was really special and beautiful.
The next day we drank too much Costa and took the train back to Paris
and hung around for a night before flying back with some really dank pastries.